How to be Omnipresent as a Business Online

Being Omnipresent as a Business Online is fairly straightforward. You and your business should/need to be everywhere, even if you're just starting up! Search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and others tend to take a bit of time before indexing your site initially. Some claim that Google can take upwards of 4 weeks to initially index a new website! And that's assuming you manually submitted your sitemaps to Google Search Console.

These things really are not a secret, however, small/start-up businesses who are trying to go it alone by using a site-builder like Squarespace, or a family friend who is a "web developer", usually have no idea what it entails to really make a site SEO friendly, and to enhance the online presence.

Documentation is everywhere

A joke among the web and IT communities is that we're the best at using Google. While that might be humorous, it's generally very true. We are not all truly experts in every aspect of the process. There are several specializations that people take on and generally focus solely on. Some people are networking side only (network setup/deployment/security), some people are front end (CSS/CSS3 or designers), some people are full stack programmers (Javascript, PHP, JQuery, etc). When we cross into someone else's territory we tend to wind up going down a rabbit hole. You start to learn and understand why what you do does (or sometimes doesn't) work.

Lemacks Media

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc all make their documentation freely and readily available to the public. It's not some hidden secret, like I pointed out in my article Using Schema Markup Matters. Yet so many people end up with a sub-par unsupported product, so they end up doing it again and often times paying more. Lemacks Media and our Partner Network which will be live soon, strive to put the information front and center for everyone. Thru this transparency we allow our clients (and non-clients) to audit our work. But, what does that have to do with being omnipresent?

Creating backlinks

Search Engines use dynamic algorithms that both serve the most relevant content to the search query, and the content most targeted at the person searching (AKA ads). While waiting on Google and others to index a site partially and/or entirely it's important to start building your backlinks and building your sites relevance, just like why I am writing this post you are reading (full transparency ;) ). The quickest way to build those links is by posting everything-everywhere. Personally, I don't use Pinterest or Tumblr, but for business purposes I ensure my content is shared everywhere someone might search for it, or accidently come across.

As a matter of fact, Lemacks Media is on nearly 20 different platforms, not just to share content/links, but to ensure we control our most relevant content at all times, like:

Then we're on these social/sharing platforms:

My profiles, both personal and professional:

The moment I share this post, it will trigger a number of actions that will share this content across all of the business and some of my personal networks as well. This for one thing simplifies my life as it means I don't have to run around manually sharing/writing content. I can just sit by and wait for traffic, and respond to notifications across the platforms. Now you're using domains with greater domain authority to create backlinks to your site. This helps Google later determine the relevance your site has to the search for keywords found within your content, as well as where people who search for you specifically tend to go (pages within your site or your social media/etc).

Become Omnipresent

Of course, the sites I posted are not the only sites out there. The relevance will vary based on business/website type from an ecommerce business who uses Amazon, Google Merchant, and Facebook Marketplace (which have a massive advantage doing this with website integration), to a local Bakery who is listed on sites like Yelp and Foursquare. Finding all the business listing platforms that are relevant to your business is part of what we do at Lemacks Media, and we ensure to set you up for success in your marketing endeavors post launch.

Want more information about your businesses online visibility? Visit our website and contact us or request a free, no obligation quote!


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