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Google Duplex Getting Closer to Release

It seems Google is getting closer to a general release for Duplex. If you're unfamiliar it is a service that leverages the Google Assistant to do things like make reservations. Google talked in depth about Duplex during I/O '18 , however, due to some worries over malicious intentions Google has been slow to roll it out. Back in December Google announced Duplex would be available in select markets and only on Pixel 3 devices.

I was actually able to try Duplex in December, I made a booking at a restaurant in Chicago for a friend and his girlfriend.

Today, however, while looking over some information on a client Google Business I noticed there is now an opt-in for businesses. The link takes you to a support post for Google Business.

So, it seems Google has been receptive to business feedback by offering the ability to opt-out. I did notice that it was checked to opt-in by default. You can opt-out in the 'info' section of your Google Business listing.

If you want to learn more…

Nest Thermostat E Setup and Review

The first thing I do in every home I have owned or lived in is try to make it as efficient as possible, enter the Nest Thermostat E. A lot of people look at overall cost-benefit analysis, or time-to-return, however, I am a proponent of doing things sooner than later. Sure, it might take 5 years to recover the cost difference in my utilities, but when I have the cash-flow now I view it as an investment into my future self being potentially more tight on money. A couple bucks a month can really help when/if you're paycheck to paycheck. As a serial entrepreneur I know to budget so far in advance (2-3 months for my big ticket items). However, $25 lower electric bill, $10 lower water bill, etc can add up if you are in a project drought.
Why I chose Nest Thermostat E
This was a 2 factor decision; first and foremost I am a very frugal person. I pay attention to my daily utility usages where I have the ability to do so, like my Electric bill which updates daily on their partner app. I use t…

Titan Security Key Bundle by Google Cloud

The Titan Security Key Bundle from Google Cloud adds a layer of security to your Google, and other accounts that support the FIDO Alliance standards. The keys helped Google themselves manage a full year without any employee account being compromised. Many users avoid Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on their accounts, and most don't even use it on their most important account, their email. It was reported that less than 10% of Gmail users have set-up 2FA in some form. Google offers a wide variety ranging from text codes, use of the Google Authenticator App (Google Play / Apple App Store), and Google Prompt which is a device notification that pops up on your screen asking if you're trying to sign into your account. Assuming of course, you didn't give your phone to someone else or lose it without wiping/locking it.

Lemacks Media requires and uses 2FA for all of our internal services, and most importantly all client facing services like Hosting and Google G Suite.
Titan Security…

Google Increasing G Suite Prices

Starting April 2nd, 2019 pricing increases on G Suite Basic and Business
I received an email from Google's G Suite Team about 2 hours ago regarding pricing increases to G Suite Basic and Business editions. Pricing will increase from $5/user/month to $6/user/month on the Basic edition, while pricing will increase from $10/user/month to $12/user/month on Business Edition. Pricing of Enterprise editions will remain unchanged.

We're in the process of notifying all of our G Suite customers of the change, and will update our reseller pricing as soon as we know our new rates.

Lemacks Media is a Google Cloud Partner, and Google G Suite Partner, learn more on our Partner Directory Listing.

Full update can be found on the G Suite Update Blog.
Hello Partner,

We’re writing to inform you that on April 2, 2019, the list price of G Suite Basic edition will increase from $5 USD to $6 USD per user per month, and the list price of G Suite Business edition will increase from $10 USD to $12 USD per use…

Asus RT-AX88U Router Review

Update: [January 17th, 2019]

Well here's something awesome to wake up to, no internet connectivity. Being an AT&T Symmetrical Gigabit subscriber I figured it was their network, as it usually is. Went to my little home network setup and my Asus RT-AX88U had no LED lights on, including power. Thought maybe it the cable came loose, checked it at the UPS as well, no issues. Unplugged it, then plugged it back in, no activity. I thought maybe I could still get in via CLI with no luck, it's just a fucking brick. Nothing else on the UPS is down, tried another similar power adapter, it's just dead as fuck.

Contacted ASUS and they are about as useless as a brick themselves.

Asus RT-AX88U - Simple yet Powerful
Last week we received a $300 gift card from our Newegg Business Account Executive. So, naturally I decided to spend it the same day on something I had my eyes on recently, the Asus RT-AX88U Dual Band 802.11ax (aka WiFi 6) WiFi Router.

I received it Saturday a…

Marine Mud Run site launch

Marine Mud Run site launches today!
The Marine Mud Run is a community charity support project Presented by St. Joe Valley Marine Corps League Detachment 095. Established by Marine Corps 1stSGT (R) Sam Alameda in 2004, the Marine Mud Run event is held annually in South Bend/Mishawaka, IN to support the Michiana Toys for Tots to drive. Marine Mud Run launches today on WordPress/WooCommerce with custom event ticketing, custom URL shortening service, digital and email marketing solutions, and social media integrations leveraging hosting on Lemacks Media's Google Cloud Compute Engine network! Check out the Marine Mud Run website, live today at!

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Alexander York Fitness site launch

Alexander York Fitness site launches today!
Alexander York Fitness, the business passion project of Entrepreneur Alex Croteau, launches today on WordPress/WooCommerce leveraging hosting on Lemacks Media's Google Cloud Compute Engine network! Check out Alexander York Fitness' website, live today at!

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