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Using Mod_PageSpeed Filters

Mod_PageSpeed Filters Apache Mod_PageSpeed is still currently "incubating" as you can see if you checkout the official Mod_PageSpeed site  . Though it has been incubating for several years now, it's a tool that Google very highly recommends use of for websites and web applications of all sizes. A properly deployment and implementation can save a Developer or Programmer hours, if not days of their time tweaking and optimizing everything from image format ( like jpg to webp ), to minifying and prioritizing JavaScript and CSS assets. The beauty about it is that you have the option of setting filters at site level in for example the .htaccess file, or in the configuration file the server side. Some filters like minifying and image compression make sense on server side, however, if you host sites for say a real estate firm where the listings are constantly changing and updated, you'll want to set specific image caching rules per site. If you haven't already, you shoul

Outline VPN

Outline VPN - Making it safer to break the news Ease of use and control You've probably heard a lot (or have been marketed frequently) about VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) over the past couple years. With options from PIA to NordVPN, how do you pick one, and why does it even matter? VPN's provide a level of encryption and privacy that help you stay safe when doing everyday things like paying bills or requesting a quote from a local contractor's website. Simply put, a VPN encrypts and hides your true IP address and location to anyone who might be able to intercept the data, including your own ISP. Outline VPN  is a recent entry to the space, built by a Google sibling company Jigsaw  and is different in that it's all open source. Jigsaw also utilizes a third party security firm Radically Open Security  to audit the project, ensuring your data is truly private. You can check out the project's Git-Hub repositories here . The best part about Outline is you control

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be Scheduled Server Maintenance tonight between 10pm Eastern Time to 10:30pm Eastern Time. We only expect about 20-30 seconds of downtime.


NVIDIA Push Harder Into AI Crypto Crowd's Wallets Are Not Happy Well, just as was leaked and predicted by basically all of the internet, NVIDIA launched their GeForce RTX line yesterday at an event in Germany. It hasn't been a secret, like, at all. However, the big tech channels and websites are urging people to not  buy or pre-order until they get theirs and do reviews. This really, really makes me feel like their trying to look out for the people who spent upwards of $2,000 on GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti in the recent 12 or so months to jump on the crypto train. The sudden surplus in new GTX cards (to catch up to last years demand), and the surplus of now used/abused cards that are set to be sold off to fund a RTX purchase has dented the wallets of many who haven't achieved a break even or any return on investment. The GTX 1080 had an MSRP of $599 around launch, but with the crypto demand, people where buying as I said above for upwards of $2,000. With shipments of the RTX 20

Setup WHM & cPanel on Google Cloud with Mod_PageSpeed

Setting up Google Cloud So you're looking for the resources to setup WHM & cPanel on Google Cloud? Well, we have that as well as how to setup Mod_PageSpeed! Google Cloud Documentation: Create Project Go to and Sign In Click Create Project Type [PROJECTNAME] Click Create Add any other people you need to work on the project through IAM Create Instance Click [PROJECTNAME] Click Menu (3 bars) >> Compute Engine Click Create Instance Enter the following:phg Name: [INSTANCENAME] Zone: europe-west1-d Machine Type: [MACHINETYPE] Click Change in Boot disk and choose: CentOS 7 Boot disk type: SSD persistent disk Size: [DISKSIZE] In Firewall tick Allow HTTP traffic tick Allow HTTPS traffic Click Create Make a note of the IP address in the project variables list Reserve IP Address Click Menu (3 bars) >> VPC network >> External I

Schema Markup Matters


How to be Omnipresent as a Business Online

Being Omnipresent as a Business Online is fairly straightforward. You and your business should/need to be everywhere, even if you're just starting up! Search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and others tend to take a bit of time before indexing your site initially. Some claim that Google can take upwards of 4 weeks to initially index a new website! And that's assuming you manually submitted your sitemaps to Google Search Console . These things really are not a secret, however, small/start-up businesses who are trying to go it alone by using a site-builder like Squarespace, or a family friend who is a " web developer ", usually have no idea what it entails to really make a site SEO friendly, and to enhance the online presence. Documentation is everywhere A joke among the web and IT communities is that we're the best at using Google. While that might be humorous, it's generally very true. We are not all truly experts in every aspect of the process. There are seve

Android 9 "Pie" Officially Announced

Well Google officially announced , and released Android 9 today nicknamed "Pie" ! For most smartphone users it's not really a big deal yet, unless of course you have a Google Pixel as it expands on the Artificial Intelligence features Google has been working on since implementing the Pixel Visual Core , and realistically much further back than that. A Smarter Experience This Android release, a lot like Android 8 is more of a minor update rather than a total overhaul of the Android Operating System. Google is really banking on things like predictive app recommendations, adaptive battery optimizations, and more that it hopes will aid the user in day to day use. In previous years we have been accustomed to major UI overhauls, multiple new (and often convoluted like Allo, Hangouts, Hangouts Chat, Messages) app announcements, however, Google has of late really started to bring those best features from each app (like Google Assistant first being only in Allo) and making them pa

Using Schema Markup Matters

First let's start off by talking about how amazing a place the internet really is! You can literally find anything if you know what to search for. But that's the kicker, if you have no idea what to search for, or the terminology used by the industry then you're either going to end up down a rabbit hole, or worse... That's what Lemacks Media's goal is to help overcome! We're working towards creating a well informed client base while being completely transparent! So, let's talk about Schema Markup , Open Graph Data , and Twitter Cards . OK, first thing I know all of you (or at least a very large portion of you) are going to say, "I don't use Twitter". To which I will reply, can you guarantee that nothing from your business website will ever be shared on Twitter? That's right, you can't, and even if you don't ever plan to create a Twitter account for yourself or your business, it matters at a branding level. That impression someone get

SSL Certificates are FREE

With Lemacks Media's Hosting Packages you always get a free SSL Certificate! Not free for a month, or free for a year, but free for the lifetime of your hosting agreement(s)! Check out Google's official recommendations on their support site ! Lemacks Media understands the importance of website security, as well as what it means to search engines like Google when ranking your site! Having an SSL Certificate is also important to the credibility of your site within modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which you can read more about here on Google's Security Blog . Request a free quote today from Lemacks Media!

Official Launch

Well, we're slightly ahead of schedule and are officially soft launching today as you read this! There are still many features and items being implemented on the site, so check back frequently for more as we continue the rollout over coming days! So what do we do? Well, that's pretty simple to explain! We're a needs driven Web Development and Hosting company, meaning, we won't try to oversell you! We assess the needs of every client to understand what exactly it is their business needs from a website. We can provide a range from simple WordPress framework sites with custom designed themes to entire fully Custom Web applications based in PHP. Are you a real estate agent, maybe on a budget just starting out? We work with IDX Broker and iHomefinder to leverage their WordPress plugins for your site. We even manage the MLS setup and paperwork for you! Alternatively, if you're a firm looking for a custom Website, IDX feed, CRM and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for yo