Google Duplex Getting Closer to Release

It seems Google is getting closer to a general release for Duplex. If you're unfamiliar it is a service that leverages the Google Assistant to do things like make reservations. Google talked in depth about Duplex during I/O '18 , however, due to some worries over malicious intentions Google has been slow to roll it out. Back in December Google announced Duplex would be available in select markets and only on Pixel 3 devices.

I was actually able to try Duplex in December, I made a booking at a restaurant in Chicago for a friend and his girlfriend.

Today, however, while looking over some information on a client Google Business I noticed there is now an opt-in for businesses. The link takes you to a support post for Google Business.

Google Duplex

So, it seems Google has been receptive to business feedback by offering the ability to opt-out. I did notice that it was checked to opt-in by default. You can opt-out in the 'info' section of your Google Business listing.

If you want to learn more about Duplex, you can check out Google's AI Blog from May 2018 here.

As Google releases more information, or rolls it out for General Availability we will be doing a full review of the service.

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